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The Goat Cave is a BMX podcast enjoyed in over 47 countries, and over 800 cities world wide! With interviews with some of the biggest names in BMX, but also heavily involved with the local shredders of the world! Hosted by Cam Galbraith (Ep:40- Cam "HVXGOAT" Galbraith), The creator of "SPACEGOATS!", and beer enthusiast. Cam takes each interview to a new level asking listeners and social media followers to ask live questions and polls online. Tune in for Bail of the Week, where you can submit your best bails, fails, and crash footage! New episodes twice a week!

YouTube: HVXGOAT Productions

Instagram: @hvxgoatproductions 


"I'm a new listener and am not sure what episode to start with, what is your recommendation?"I'd suggest choosing based on what you are interested in, whether it be a big name pro or a local dude.

Top 3 pros 
Ep.19: Mike "Rooftop" escamilla
Ep.32: Chris Doyle
Ep.17: Zack Gerber


Top 3 locals
Ep.28: Cole Dow
Ep.23: Brayden Hasen
Ep.20: Chijioke Okafo

"How do i submit clips for "Bail Of The Week"?"
The easiest way to submit footage for "BOTW" is to send it as an Instagram direct message. Please include your name, and what city your from. Don't have Instagram? All good! An email will work as well!

"If I have a question for a upcoming guest, how do I submit it?"

There a few ways to ask, you can send in a voicemail message or call in when we are live at (226) 798-6519. You can also send a Instagram DM, or email! 

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