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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:101-Clayton Foxall, Backpedaling Bike Shop)

Todays guest is the owner of one of the biggest and coolest bike shops in Canada, Backpedaling in Guelph Ontario. He also has a MASSIVE private collection of over 400 bikes dating all the way back to the 1800s. Clayton Foxall has played a huge role in the cycling community all over Ontario, and he is truly "The King Of Bikes"!


0:00-intro/early years

6.53- How Clay Started Backpedaling with $300/ A bike for everyone

20:36- Some of the most interesting bicycle concepts Clay has seen / has Clay been able to find some of his childhood bikes?

29:09- Clays lifelong customers / never giving up

32:35- Clays private Bike Collection

45:05- How Clayton met the BMXFU guys / how cycle brings people of all walks of life together

52:39- Watching the evolution of BMX in one lifetime

1:00:50- Backpedaling Sunday shop demo / primo strange crew riding Clays backyard ramp/ local BMX history

1:12:11- How Clayton finds the bikes for his collection

1:27:05- Did Clay ever expect BMX bikes to progress to the level they are now? / Downhill Mountain Biking

1:41:17- The cost of BMX compared to other forms of cycling

1:46:06- Clays tells us about his BMX days/ reflecting on the impact backpedaling has had

1:55:09- covid bike boom

2:09:37- listener questions

2:20:20- last question, show wrap up

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