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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:105- Carson Donovan)

Today's guest is most known for his unmatched skill and style when it comes to park riding, his originality is so refreshing in today's age of repetitive trick combos. It's clear he takes a lot of influence from freestyle motocross with his flip combinations, but he also embodies the Midschool era with more simple tricks like tables, turndowns to fakie, and superman over double coping spines. He represents Canadian BMX so well with his positive attitude, and genuine care for the BMX community. There's no doubt in my mind, Carson Donovan will make his mark on the Canadian BMX scene, and put himself in the ranks of Jay Miron, Dave Osato, and Drew Bezanson.


0:00-Intro, stunt shows,

6:34- Swampfest, Darkfest, Freestyle MTB is insane.

17:18- Untied Caveman v3 coming soon, Carsons open mind when it comes to different styles of riding

20:48- "What's your dream Swampfest obstacle idea?" and other Swampfest stories,

30:54-Timeless BMX, The Nelson BMX Jams, and the western Canada BMX scene

36:18- The death of indoor parks

50:23- The modern park rider vs Carsons style, flip cliff hangers,

57:52- Desert skate ranch, riding Pat Casey’s house

1:05:52- Triple challenge, and Carson’s Dream trick

1:12:27- Carson's background in motocross and BMX racing

1:18:06- Carson explains the “Hairy Larry”, we talk Dave Osato, and more

1:26:05- Carson's bmx photography, camera talk

1:37:03- Jason Enns is one of the best to ever do it

1:39:05- What does the Canadian BMX scene do really well? The Olympics

1:49:15- Double flips and breaking parts

2:04:14- Anything from the mid school era you wanna see make a return?

2:06:51- Listener questions

2:42:40- Last question, show wrap up, and shout outs

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