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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:92- Gabo from "Share A Smile, Share A Bike", & "Trail Records")

Today's guest is doing his part to make BMX a better place, he saw the need for people in underprivileged countries to have good quality parts to ride, so he started “Share a Smile, Share a Bike”, a Non-Profit that gets second hand BMX parts to the people who need it most. Gabo from "Share A Smile, Share A Bike", & "Trail Records"

Chapters Intro/Malaga BMX scene (0:00-4:10)

Gabo being inspired by Mike Aitken (4:10-7:18)

“Trail Records” and Lost Trails (7:18-13:55)

Gabo’s Accident that left him off the bike for 4 years (13:55-17:27)

What to look forward too with Trail Records (17:27-19:00)

Gabo tells us about his “Wall-ride to Table” photo in the new issue of Freedom BMX Magazine (19:00-23:42)

Why Gabo moved to Germany (23:42-27:13)

Gabo experiencing culture shock when visiting the USA (27:13-35:35)

Share a smile, share a bike / show wrap up (35:35)

Instagram/Website links

“Share a Smile, Share a Bike” account:

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