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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:96-Anthony Hitchcock)

Today's guest is a life long shredder from Columbus Ohio who has recently come under fire after riding a government building in Ashland Ohio. Local media and Police have been claiming that Anthony Hitchcock, once a member of the US Navy, is a criminal after “damaging” a rail and ledge at a Ohio Department of Transpiration building. The only thing Anthony is guilty of in my opinion is having that east coast style of riding we all love.


0:00-3:01: Intro/how Cam first heard about Anthony's story

3:01-8:20: Anthony tells us about the 2 other times he did the 60/40 feeble grind on the Ashland Rail/ledge combo

8:20-10:52: Anthony walks us through the most recent time going back to re-film the 60/40

10:52-13:21: Cam talks about his experiences going back to re-film clips

13:21-17:08: Anthony continues his story about the most recent time re filming the 60/40

17:08-21:24: How Anthony ended up finding himself all over facebook with threats of criminal charges

21:24-26:08: Just how much damage did Anthony do to the spot? And how they even figured it out in the first place

26:00-28:48: The page that originally shared the post isn’t actually run by the police

28:48-39:53: Why Anthony decided to “turn himself in”, and the outcome of it.

39:53-40:43: Was the gap to tooth Sean Burns posted in Ashland Ohio?

40:43-42:08: Cam talks about not pressing charges when someone broke into his house

42:08-45:43: why the definition of “Criminal Damage” doesn’t fit for riding a spot

45:43-47:37: what hopefully happens when this goes to court

47:37-51:17: BMX is now in the Olympics, thus in the eyes of the public.

51:17-1:00:44: Ashland Ohio needs a skatepark.

1:00:44-1:04:32: BMX can help a lot of people from being in a worse off spot in their life

1:04:32-1:12:12 Listener Questions

1:12:12 Last question/Show wrap up

Anthony's Instagram:

The Go Fund Me to help cover Anthony's legal fees:

The original facebook post:

Ashland Time's Gazette article:

Cleveland News 5 Article:

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