Brayden Hasen #pedaleveryday

Do you ever think back to when you first started riding, and remember the days where you rode all day, everyday? For a lot of us, that's a few years in the past, and it feels impossible to do with a full time job, family, and other adult responsibilities that take priority.

But for Brayden Hasen (@Braydenbe_em_ex), riding is a must everyday. Whether its a quick pedal in his basement, or all day at the skatepark, he makes it happen. He even goes as far as carrying his bike all the way across the town of Stratford through 3 feet of snow, just so he can ride a unheated parking garage for a few minutes.

I first met Brayden when he was a guest on The Goat Cave a few months back, I was blown away by his dedication, and passion for BMX. Hearing his story, and the reasons he rides everyday was a breath of fresh air in the local BMX community. So lets take a look at this video created by Blake Keen, and his team that shows Brayden's riding and tells a bit about his story.

Filmed and edited by Blake Keen, Biplov Rimal and Alyssa Minten

So how did this "pedal everyday" thing start Brayden?

My buddy Kaleb Smith (@hitemwithkaleb) messaged me on July 4th last year, saying he had started this challenge called “#pedaleveryday“. I said shit I already pedal most days for sure and it’s summer, why not?!? By July 5th 2019 I filmed #pedaleveryday Day 1. 

Icepick, Truckdriver to Fakie. #Pedaleveryday Day 1

You're at 265 days right now correct? How many days are you aiming for? Have you come close to missing a day yet? 

Yes Day 265 is today. I’m aiming to keep posting a video for #pedaleveryday every single day until Day 420. Surprisingly I haven’t had that many close calls, except for one time I was so tired a few months ago and fell asleep until 11:40pm. When I woke up I even went back to sleep for 10 more minutes. I barely made it down to the basement to pedal with 5 minutes to spare! 

#Pedaleveryday Day 45

What are some of the challenges you have faced doing this? Do you ever feel like skipping a day, and how do you keep yourself from doing so?

Some of the challenges I face doing this as of now would be that I end up getting pretty bad surface wounds on my hands and elbows that really, really make you just wanna sit that day out. Things that help me get past it are listening to music, and watching inspiring bike videos!

Do you have any advice when it comes to something like #pedaleveryday

My advice for #pedaleveryday