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Simple Session 2020, with Kristen Poder

Have you ever wondered what its like to ride at Simple Session? 

I know I have, the course is different every year and always has the craziest set ups, from huge box jumps, half bowl sections, plaza features and so much more. After 20 years, the people behind the scenes have it really figured out. 

Well today we have a interview from a local rider from Estonia, who is UNREAL on a bike! I first met Kristen Poder online when he sent in some footage for “Bail Of The Week” on The Goat Cave. After catching wind that he was attending and riding in this years Simple Session, I knew I had ask him about it! So lets jump into this!

Simple Session 2020 course

Kristen my dude, wanna walk us though the weekend at Simple Session? 

Kristen Poder

1st practice day: I walk in at Saku Suurhall, first thing I have to do is pay 20€ and every rider has a plus 1 ticket.

This year you/and your +1 can decide if they want a ticket that includes the parties or without.  (The price is 20€ for a normal ticket or 40€ with the after parties.)

Second thing is they take a profile picture with you. (You can do it later if you like) 

Kristen Poder

Age: 28

Years riding: 6

years at simple session: 3

When did you first find out about simple session and do you have any sponsors that help pay for the cost of your ticket to the event?

I don’t have any sponsors and My first SS was 2017.

I just think you can get sponsors if you have tons of followers on IG, FB etc. Doesn’t matter if you can ride or not, sponsors are a just business at this point.

Oh also we have like a riders chat where they give information and where riders can ask a question if there is something they aren't sure about.

Then I go for a ride and try to figure out if I can do the run I planned at home. 

Chances that my planned run works are basically 0%

First practice I usually do like 50% of my tricks.

I don’t party after practice but riders can go if they want. After practice SS crew has always planned something, last year was ice hockey between bmx and skate.

This year was best trick comp. (photo of the course below).

They try to figure out some cool/fun activities every year. 

best trick street course

2nd practice day: I try to complete my run and give it the final touches.

Kristen Poder, Double Tailwhip

Qualifications: I usually arrive early. I use that time to walk around and watch what is going on where regular visitors are. There are small competitions where you can win stuff. Also they give away free stuff (protein bars, chips, etc). What they offer there depends on who SS sponsors are that year. Mainly brands that think they can get good marketing there.

After that I get my free lunch that is provide by Simple Session for riders. 

Lunch given to the riders at Simple Session

Then I have some time to watch street comp and middle of that is a good time to pad up and prepare for small 15min warmup.

Like every year I can always fuck my run up and in that case, I brought beer so I can start drinking it right away and watch how others ride.

As a rider you don’t have to buy beer/snacks in Saku Suurhall, it’s way more expensive and supermarket is literally 3min walk away. 

Finals: If I have been lazy I go and eat at Saku Suurhall just because it’s ready to eat and free (this year I didn’t make it) Luckily it starts at 17-18PM (5:00-6:00PM) so if you have massive hangover, you have lots of time to get ready. Then I just sit and enjoy finals. After finals the partying starts all over again. 

Kristen Poder, Backflip Tailwhip

On top of being one of the biggest contests every year, they also have the craziest after parties every year. why don't you tell us about the parties?

When qualifying is over I go home to dress up and go to the party. 

If you are a SS rider it’s easy to find a someone for the weekend. 

I've heard that a lot of others have found girls who don’t wanna date, and are just looking for a good night. Anyone can find someone (they are mostly 6-9 out of 10)

This years party had girl fight also and tons of other crazy stuff.

Video: @tylerrizzibmx

Who was your favourite rider at this years Simple Session?

I can’t say who’s my favourite because I like many different riders. Every year I’m surprised because I can see how some well known riders ride the park for the first time. Brian Fox and Brandon Lupos are actually really, really good riders. Lupos doing just a few laps in practice, then goes to full send mode, this is mind blowing for me. I don’t like Kieran Reilly as a person, but he’s an insanely good rider.

What year had the best course at simple session in your opinion?

They all are fucking amazing, but if I have to pick, I wouldn't pick the 2019 course, it was my least favourite. I'd say that 2017's set up was perfect but my riding level, I wasn't that great at the time, so I didn't get to make full use of that course.

Simple Session 2019 Course render

Simple Session 2017 course render

Lets end this off with one last question, tell us why you think people should travel to come experience simple session?

I think people should travel here because it’s a different experience than most people are used to... like for example Estonia and States are way different countries, everything is different, even the food you would get at Estonian McDonald's. Justin Dowell said that the chicken nuggets and burgers are better here compared to the USA. The cities are filled with amazing sights, the people here are super nice and interesting, the shops here are a huge change to what you would have in the States. I think everyone who has the chance should come here just for that alone, but when you throw in one of the biggest BMX/skate contest a year and the insane parties, it really makes it well worth the trip!

I wanna give a huge shout out to Kristen for telling us all about his time at Simple Session 2020, go give him a follow on Instagram! (@kristenpoder)

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Mar 26, 2020

Would love to see this Competition live in Estonia some day♥️🍻

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