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Skatepark Roulette Ep:1- Amherstburg, and Windsor

A few months back Kaleb Smith (@hitemwithkaleb) came up with the the idea of "Skatepark Roulette", where you take as many skateparks you can think of and make a list. The idea of randomly picking one, and making a day trip out of it really stuck with me, I knew I had to get involved. We had such an awesome time, and we cant wait to hit up Madoc, Ontario for round 2! want to join us for episode 2? shoot me a DM on instagram @HVXgoatProductions and we will give you all the details!


Kaleb Smith- @hitemwithkaleb

Justin Parsons- @justinparsons94

Mike Kewin- @mikekewin

Tanner Smyth- @tanner_smyth

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