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Skatepark tour with @Spotttheloonie!!! (BMX + Skateboarding)

Last week myself and Scott went on a "Spott the loonie" style trip, hit as many parks as possible, well making sure to only spend 10-15 mins at each park. Our main goal was Leamington park, a 3 hour drive from where I live, 4 hours from Scott. We 7 parks, 2 we didnt film anything at, but all around a great day! Scott was a guest on my podcast a few months back, where we talked about his skatepark directory website with over 1000 skateparks logged, and his trips to 386 of those parks! Id highly recommend checking out his website, and listening to his episode of The Goat Cave!

The Goat Cave (Ep:36- Scott Loyst) Scotts website

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