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Station BMX in Texas

Recently the boys over at Station BMX in Hamilton took a trip down to Texas, and filmed this awesome web video. Super solid riding from some of the best riders in the greater Hamilton area. Watch as they shred the local parks and street spots in Texas, Ninth Street Trails, and some cool looking DIY Ditch spots!

Featuring: Jesse Trnka Dan Cauchi Jeff Roberston Ryan Black Zack Trnka Matt Drew Gabe Truax

Jesse Trnka, Euro Table, Photo by Gabe Truax

Jesse Trnka starts the video off with his fast park and street clips, I absolutely love the clip of Jesse doing back tire jam to tooth pick at 1:05, that was an awesome combo that looks super stylish! Ending it off with a huge gap to curved wall gap out was insane! (1:24)

Dan Cauchi, Table, Photo by Jesse Trnka

Dan Cauchi’s opening clip shows just how much bike control he has, nose manny 270, smith, fakie out on a DIY bank to sub pulled perfectly. (1:32)

Dan's next clip shows off his ability to ride a bowl just as well as he rides street with a huge pocket table air. Dan finishes off his part with a super clean 270 tooth ching-er in a crazy DIY ditch with a sub box.

Jeff Robertson, table air, photo by Jesse Trnka

Up next we have every ones favourite strongman, Jeff Robertson. If you have ever seen Jeff ride, you’d know his riding is an extension of his personality. His tricks are big, and technical but with a lot of weird fun involved! At 2:40 he does a hand plant over a dirt spine, turns around and flairs the other side of it, all while wearing the coolest sunglasses ever.

Ryan Black, Wallride, Photo by Jesse Trnka

Ryan Black’s part is short and sweet with basic tricks but awesome style! I really loved the wallride and 180 footplant line in the ditches, such a great use of what was there.

Next up we have Zack Trnka who brings in some awesome hang 5 stuff, including a hang 5 tooth pick stall on a bank to sub box ledge.

Matt Drew, Fufanu, Photo by Jesse Trnka

Matt Drew opens his part off with a crazy 360 to sprocket bash, 180 out on the same sub box Jesse rode at the beginning of the video (3:30) and his part doesn’t slow down from there. His next few clips are at the ninth street dirt jumps, and wow he is dialed on jumps. He pulls a super clean “No Foot Can” over a pretty decent sized gap jump, and continued on to a super stylish “T-bog”.

Matt Drew, Toothpick, Photo by Jesse Trnka

He then goes on to doing a super steep “Toothpick” stall on a bank to jersey barrier set up. The back rail "Fufanu" he does at 4:06 blew my mind, so much goes into lining this up and he pulls it seemingly effortlessly.

Gabe Truax, one foot euro table, Photo by Jesse Trnka

Gabe Truax is up next with the last part in the video, and man I gotta say, there is a reason Gabe is sponsored by Macneil Bikes, and its because he is UNREAL! His first clip is a boosted 1 foot euro table over one of the ninth street jumps 4:12. He then goes on to a pegs to table on the DIY bank to sub box we saw earlier, which looks so effortless with Gabe's style. At 4:22 Gabe gives us some of that brake/grind tech that he is known for with a 180, half cab Fuf to Ice Pick Fakie out and his next clip is a HUGE turndown transfer.

Gabe Truax, Sprocket stall 270, Photo by Jesse Trnka

At 4:45 he comes in with a fast 180, half cab downside smith, 270 out on a tall jersey barrier set up. Gabe ends the video off with a jaw dropping handrail combo, tooth hanger, crank arm, 180, Fakie manny out. So crazy!

Overall I gotta say, this video was one of the best web videos of 2020 so far in my opinion. Great music, even better riding, and Jesse did an awesome job editing the video! Shout out to all the STATION BMX dudes for creating an awesome video showing us their trip to Texas! I can’t wait to watch the next video from these dudes!

Head over to STATION BMX, 637 Upper James St, Hamilton for all your BMX needs!

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