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The "Bon-Jour!" Mixtape, & 152 photos from Chris Johnson

Yo! Bon-Jour dudes! Back in June, myself and 5 friends packed up two cars and drove 6.5 hours to spend a full week in one of the greatest Canadian cities, Montreal! During our week long stay, we made an effort to get as much riding in as possible, we managed to check out some awesome street spots and skateparks. Im stoked to finally release The "Bon-Jour!" Mixtape.

152 photos shot by Chris Johnson below!

Day one

Picton Skatepark, Picton, Ontario.

(hand-plant not landed, but so close, and how can you pass up a photo like this?)

OnRoute, Morrisburg, Ontario.

Mount Royal Observatory, Montreal, Quebec.

Day Two

Our AirBNB, Montreal Quebec.

First street ride in Montreal

Back at the AirBNB after a rain storm ended the street ride early