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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:50- Robbie Morales, Cult Crew)

Todays guest is by far one of the most important people in the BMX industry, he came from a racing background, and then took the freestyle world by storm in 90s when he rode for companies like S&M, Standard, DK, and Terrible One, then went on to help to create two of the biggest and well respected bmx companies in the world. In the year 2000 bmx changed when he and Chris Moeller started a company called Fit, and with the help of an amazing team of riders Fit grew to be one of the biggest companies in BMX. However no one could have guessed what would happen in September of 2009 when he cut all ties with Fit, and brought half the fit pro team with him to start his own company that would compete with the brand he built. A few months later one of the biggest BMX companies to date was born, and over the next 10 years it would gain a cult like following. they have been noted to have the greatest team in BMX with riders like Chase Hawk, Chase Dehart, and Dakota Roche, just to name a few. This company even had the opportunity to work with one of the longest running shows on Television, The Simpsons! I can’t believe I’m able to say this, but today we are speaking to the one and only Robbie Morales, Of Cult Bikes.

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