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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:60-Stew Johnson)

Todays guest is by far one of the most important people ever in the BMX world, he is responsible for creating some of the most well respected videos that would go on to influence generations of new riders and film makers. not only did he produced videos like Anthem 2, Holy Fit, Grounded, Dans Comp’s roll call, 1201 and so many more, but he was one of the main filmers behind the lens for all the Road fools videos and props video mag issues. He is still very active in the video side of things in BMX, with his newest masterpiece coming out Saturday August 22nd, the 2020 Xgames Real BMX video contest! basically, if you ever seen one of the greatest videos ever in bmx, it was probably made by our guest today, Im super excited to be speaking with someone who played a huge roll in my filming career, Stew Johnson! 

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