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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:70- Sebastian Keep)

Todays guest is a legend in the BMX world, and has been responsible for pushing the limits of BMX over the past 20 years, at the young age of 11 he was already doing backflips at the Crow-Hurst dirt jumps, that footage would be included in Mark Richards Backyard BMX videos. Things didn’t slow down from there, in 2005 he was able to get the cover of Dig BMX magazine with an opposite pegs down a huge rail that can be seen in his “Number 10” video part. Only a few years would go by before he was back on the cover of a magazine. This time on Ride UK doing a massive table top out of a 20 foot tall brick quarter pipe for “Reservoir Dogs”, a video detailing the adventure of finding and riding a water reservoir in New Castle. He went on to receive a lifetime achievement award in 2012 from Ride UK and all its readers. In 2013 he continued to push the limits of bmx with quarter master, a contest created by himself with the idea of building a 26 foot tall dirt quarter pipe and brought to life with the help of Redbull. Two more years would go by before we all saw the last cover of Ride UK BMX magazine, this photo captured one of the most important moments in BMX, a picture that showed just how far you can push whats possible, a 22ft gap to a wall into a 8ft wide quarter pipe 32 ft below. If you ask me, thats one “Tall Order”. He did all of this, and more, with one thing in mind, Have Fun. Its an honour to be speaking with the one and only Sebastian Keep.

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