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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:71- Matt Beringer)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Todays guest is a legend in the BMX world, he has been on countless magazine covers, filmed many video parts, and had the most iconic backyard in BMX. Things started out back in 1984 when he got into BMX racing at 7 years old. He would later get into freestyle and have some awesome footage in Ride BMXs “Thunder” Video, including a huge double peg grind down a handrail. In 1998 he would get hooked up with Redline BMX, and would later join the S&M team, where he remains to this day! He was the first person to do the backflip to sprocket stall, and the inventor of the Endo grind, or more commonly referred to as the Beringer grind! He has had video parts in some of the most important videos in BMX, like Criminal Mischief, Sentenced to Life, and Odysseys Electronacal! What an honour it is to be speaking with Matt Beringer!


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