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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:75-Chester Blacksmith)

Todays guest is a legend in the BMX world who is responsible for pushing the limits and showing what was possible. It all started in Grants Pass, Oregon all those years ago, where he would leave home at 19 with the idea of traveling and riding in mind, After a few years of riding for Solid bikes, he would be picked up by WeThePeople, he stuck with them for the rest of his BMX career, and even picked up a sponsor with Eclat, a sister company of WeThePeople. He would show the world some of the craziest video parts with huge street clips and an amazing style. you could always expect some heavy clips, with a lot on the line had he bailed. His footage in Ride BMX’s Insight stood the test of time and is still crazy almost 15 years later, and his WeThePeople’s “Anytime Now” part is no different, filled with incredible clips. After many years of being on top of the game, and a lot of injuries, he decided to step back and focus on other things in his life, like his love of motorcycles and becoming a father, what an honour it is to be ending off 2020 with one of the greats, Chester Blacksmith

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