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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:76- Mike Mastroni)

Today's guest is one of the most widely known film makers in BMX, not only that, but an incredible rider. He is responsible for some of the biggest full lengths that have released over the years, including OnSomeShit’s “FOOTBALL”, Volume’s “The Finer Things”, and most recently, Ride BMX’s “Headlights”. He has even competed as a filmer on Xgames real street alongside DeMarcus Paul. Now let's talk riding, his riding has always been so creative, and has landed him some awesome sponsors over the years, Proper, Volume, and currently repping Sunday! He is always coming up with ideas for tricks that no one could think of, then taking it a step further and thinking of how it will look best on camera. BMX has taken him so far, all with the help of the sprinter van he built into a tiny home on wheels. Im super excited to nerd out on camera’s, filming, van life, and so much more with Mike Mastroni!

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