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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:86- Steven Moxley)

Our guest today has been a local pro in southern Ontario and Quebec for years, and is known for his technical style of riding. Not only has Steven Moxley shown us some of the most technical foot jam combos in BMX, but he is known for his big moves he tends to pull out at Toronto BMX jam, like the Tail-whip to Fufanu on the back rail in 2017. On top of all of that, Steven was a part of the Cirque Du Soleil Volta shows and showed a different side of BMX to the world!


Guest Intro/ getting started in BMX- (0:00- 11:47)

The early years of Toronto BMX Jam and what role it played for Steven Moxley (11:47-22:48)

Steven’s Whip to ice, to whip out at the 2014 Toronto BMX jam (22:48-26:27)

Whip to Fufanu at 2017 Toronto Jam (26:27-33:39)

Stevens sponsors over the years (33:39-41:58)

Why stunt shows are so important in BMX (41:58-48:39)

Covid-19 (48:39-54:02) BMXFU’s “6TAPE 2” (54:02-1:04:51)

Tips on small flairs (1:04:51-1:08:12)

How did you get involved with Cirque Du Soleil "Volta" shows (1:08:12-1:23:47)

The use of “Patterns” in runs, and why the runs are planned out ahead of time (1:23:47-1:27:44)

Steven’s Volta Bike, and the responsibilities that come with it (1:27:44-1:32:42)

What's to come of Volta (1:32:42- 1:35:29)

Foot-Jams and what would Steven change at Joyride 150 (1:35:29-1:39:17)

The progression of the locals at joyride (1:39:17-1:41:23)

Ramp building with Rydan Ramp Co (1:41:23-1:46:04)

Fan questions (1:46:04-2:00:21)

Last question and Closing statements (2:00:21)

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