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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:87-Dave Thomas, Joyride 150's General Manager)

Today's guest is a Southern Ontario rider who has been shredding and racing for close to 20 years. Not only is Dave Thomas an unreal rider who has sent some gnarly moves, like front flipping the biggest box jump at joyride, but he also plays a huge role for our community as he is the General Manager of Joyride 150. Over the last year Dave has been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure we all can continue to ride Joyride after the Covid-19 pandemic. To top it off, Dave has also built himself a pretty rad truck, and is the man behind

Chapters Intro/early years (0:00​-7:57​)

First contest (7:57​-12:18​)

X-Up, Rail City, Industry, Rizzi’s (12:18​-14:31​)

Dave’s BMX Magazine Collection (14:31​-18:10​)

GT Bikes comeback within BMX (18:10​-19:16​)

Meeting Kevin Robinson and Jamie Bestwick, and the art of vert riding (19:16​-27:06​) What it must have been like to pull a worlds first (27:06​-31:12​)

The early years of Joyride 150/Drew B’s first Joyride video (31:12​-38:40​)

How much Joyride has changed since they opened 11 years ago (38:40​-48:16​)

How Dave Become the GM at Joyride (48:16​-52:46​)

Has joyride played a roll in making the overall community better riders in Ontario? (52:46​-57:53​)

Joyride 150, and Covid-19. (57:53​-1:33:13​)

Why did you create (1:33:13​-1:38:32​)

Dave’s Car photography (1:38:32​-1:41:11​)

Fan Qs (1:41:11​-2:11:13​)

Last question and finally statements (2:11:13​)

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