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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:88- Ralph Sinisi Animal BMX, Martin Ochoa TheShiftLife)

Today we have a very special episode, not only are we gonna be speaking with one of my favourite riders from NYC, who is always putting out wild clips on Instagram everyday. but we also have the owner of one of the most beloved companies in BMX, that has been pushing street riding and the east coast scene for over 20 years. I'm stoked to be sitting down with Martin AKA The Shift Life, and Ralph Sinisi from Animal BMX!

Intro/early years (0:00- 23:37)

the legend that is Steven Hamilton (23:37-27:40)

First sponsors (27:40-36:03)

Martins first tattoo was an Animal BMX tattoo at 16 years old (36:03-40:30)

Martins love of chain riding (40:30-46:29)

Why Chris Silva is the best (46:29- 54:03)

The animal team/videos (54:03-57:48)

Animal bikes first product, and the community of riders who collect old animal parts (57:48-1:06:23)

The day animal almost left BMX forever (1:06:23-1:14:46)

Whats your favourite part from animal? (1:14:46-1:18:35)

Whats Martins advice with IG?/4 of my favourite clips from his IG (1:18:35-1:33:44)

Whats the story behind TheShift page? (1:33:44-1:38:21)

The shift life jam 2016 (1:38:21-1:41:23)

Skavenger BMX (1:41:23-1:47:28)

Fan questions (1:47:28-2:02:07)

Last question, Thanks (2:02:07)

p.s Sorry there is no video call on this one, we had some tech issues, we will be back to normal next week!


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