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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:89-Brant Moore)

Today's guest is one of the most knowledgeable and creative dudes in BMX. His riding is so unique, and technical, while also being one of the few dudes doing back rail tricks in 2021. However things don’t stop with just his riding, Id say he is more well known for his daily BMX videos on youtube where you can catch him breaking down the newest parts in BMX, his weekly BMX news videos, interviews, and even awesome riding videos!

Chapters Announcements/shout outs 00:00-01:36 Guest Intro/early years 01:36-11:07 Where brants creative style begin and who influenced it 11:07-18:59 Brants tips on back rail Fufanus 18:59-22:39 The Ohio BMX scene 22:39-28:53 How brant got his start with Youtube, and some of the things he has learned along the way 28:53-50:04 Brant’s videos on the Free-night planetary coaster, and how it has lead to a whole new world of free-coasters 50:04-1:09:09 Innovation in BMX 1:09:09-1:21:58 Brants BMX parts reviews 1:21:58-1:28:18 BMX claiming riders who do Youtube or work with big company’s are “Sell Out’s”. 1:28:18-1:40:00 The importance of cash giveaways for BMX jams 1:40:00-1:45:37 Brants opinion of BMX Meme Pages 1:45:37-1:50:52 Where did “Weekly BMX News” come from, and whats the prep like? 1:50:52-1:58:21 Has filming most of your riding sessions ever been stressful, and felt like you had a lot of pressure to perform? 1:58:21-2:03:03 Have you ever experienced “burn out”, and how did you deal with it? 2:03:03-2:04:35 How Brant’s full length video “No Promises” came to about 2:04:35-2:08:27 The struggles Brant had doing the No Promises premiere at Rays MTB park 2:08:27-2:16:28 Why Brant decided to release on DVD in 2021 2:16:28-2:19:27 Brian H part in No Promises/Brants part in No Promises 2:19:27-2:24:35 What Brant took away from making no promises, and his favourite moments 2:24:35-2:29:44 Being who you are no matter what others think 2:29:44-2:35:59 Brant joining the Stacked BMX shop team/The importance of local shops 2:35:59- 2:43:20 How brant got hooked up with Park Tool 2:43:20-2:46:56 How long Brant has rode for Alienation, and the story behind the inter-bike ad 2:46:56-2:53:16 When did you first met Karl from NoWear BMX? 2:53:16-2:56:41 How BMX teaches you to be yourself, even outside of riding 2:56:41-3:02:30 Brants thoughts on Ride UK coming back to print 3:02:30-3:05:06 Brants head injury back in sept 2020 3:05:06-3:08:24 Listener Questions 3:08:24-3:35:19 Final Question, and show wrap up 3:35:19 NEW MERCH!​​​​​ Support the show! (​) Show Sponsors! Wonderland Studios (​​​​​​​​ ) Custom professional tattooing and piercing from Wayne Galbraith and Deacon Matheson. Harvester Bikes (​​​​​​​​ ) The best BMX shop in Canada. Shout Out's! Cult Crew​​​ Dead Leisure​​​​ Ride On

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