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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:90-Andrew Lazaruk)

Todays guest is a Canadian pro rider, who got his start in Nelson, British Columbia. His incredible style and simplicity has earned him a spot on some of the biggest brands in BMX over the years like United, Profile, MacNeil, Demolition, Free Agent, and others. Not only has Andrew Lazaruk been helping to put Canada on the map for its endless of talent of BMX riders, but he is one half of Canada’s newest BMX distribution company “Timeless” which is responsible for supplying shops all over Canada with products from United, Relic, and the fast and loose crew. When he isn’t doing the perfect table top in the deep end of your backyard pool, he is maintaining one of the top 5 beards in all of BMX! Its a pleasure to be sitting down with “HollyWood B-List Celebrity” Andrew Lazaruk!


Intro/early years in Nelson BC (0:00-11:46)

First contest/Metro Jam/LAZAR-DICK (11:46-23:01)

Riding for MacNeil (23:01-37:46) Riding backyard pools/"Pool Seekers" (37:46-54:25) Native Curvature/Nude Bowl (54:25-1:02:08)

United/Goat Pen DIY park/ “Curfew in California” (1:02:08-1:10:22)

When Andrew first met “Rooftop” (1:10:22-1:12:08)

Profile Racing (1:12:08-1:17:12)

Timeless BMX Distro (1:17:12-1:46:27)

Riding Tony Hawks warehouse (1:46:27-1:50:35)

Gloves while riding BMX/ Chances of Andrew putting brakes on again. (1:50:35-1:56:39) Crazy stories from riding pools (1:56:39-2:09:01)

Andrew focus on style-heavy tricks (2:09:01-2:13:07)

Listener Questions (2:13:07-2:24:30)

Last question/Shout outs/Thanks 2:24:30

Show Sponsors! Wonderland Studios (​​​​​...​ )

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The best BMX shop in Canada.

Shout Out's!

Cult Crew​​​​

Dead Leisure​​​​​


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