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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:91-Alex Liiv, Dead Leisure)

Today's guest is an Australian legend who has been shredding for more than 15 years! In his time as a pro he rode for two of the most badass companies in BMX, Metal Bikes, and BoneDeth. His video parts always featured fast paced, “do or die” clips, heavy bails, and a lot of humour. The fact that he survived one of the worst crashes in all of action spots is unexplainable, we all know the crash I'm talking about. Onto of all that, he is the man behind one of the most well respected clothing and lifestyle brands in the industry, Dead Leisure. It's an honour to be sitting down with the one and only Alex Liiv!


Intro/early years 0:00-8:46

social media being a blessing and a cruse 8:46-12:52

Australian BMX scene 12:52-20:27

Metal bikes 20:27-26:59

Taking inspiration from other brands to help form a unique idea of your own 26:59-31:25

Alex walks us through his dead bang part 31:25-38:04

Why a second camera angle is so important in certain scenarios 38:04-45:27

Why Alex left Metal Bikes 45:27-51:52

Where the name for the Bonedeth video “Surfing for the ugly broads” came from 51:52-59:15

Alex’s road trip to Miami with Bonedeth 59:15-1:01:37

How Alex Liiv ended up being one of the first people to ever 360 20 stairs. 1:01:37-1:14:01

Alex explains what happens when you land on your ass from a big drop 1:14:01-1:17:41 BoneDeth Living dead frame, and Dead Leisure frame 1:17:41-1:21:03

The story and aftermath of the Parramatta Drain gap crash 1:21:03-1:31:10

Accepting that you will get hurt in BMX, and the positive impact that will give you 1:31:10-1:33:48

What negative impact partying, drugs, and excessive drinking can have on your riding. 1:33:48-1:41:15

What lead Alex to stop riding for 7 years 1:41:15-1:46:25

BMX is what you make of it, nothing more, nothing less 1:46:25-1:58:11

Dead leisure 1:58:11-2:31:03

The 24 double stair set crash. 2:31:03-2:45:50

Listener Question 2:45:50-3:04:35

Last question/show wrap up 3:04:35

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