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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:93-Drew Bezanson, Ft. Matt Weatherill)

Today we have a very, very, special guest. This has been someone I’ve wanted to speak with since I started doing the podcast. Our guest today is one of the biggest names in BMX, who has cemented himself a spot among the likes of Jay Miron, Dave Osato, Paul Buchanan, and others as one of the most influential and greatest Canadian BMX riders ever. Over the last 12 years we have seen him put out countless incredible video parts that would continue to push the limits of what is possible on a BMX bike, he is the king of Simple Session with 5 wins under his belt, he has won Toronto BMX jam so many times that people stopped wondering who was gonna be first, and started taking bets on who was taking 2nd place. He is teamed up with some of the most well respected brands and companies in the world like RedBull, Toyota, DK Bikes, and more. His positive attitude is so infectious it's impossible to not be smiling when you're around him. We are so lucky to have the one and only Drew Bezanson in the studio here with us today!


Intro/early years 0:00-5:35

Metro jam Vancouver/toronto/props BMX 5:35-14:14

How Drew learned about Joyride 150 14:14-18:02

Drew walks us through all of his Joyride edits 18:02-39:13

Drew’s sponsors over the years 39:13-47:45

The proper use of Resi’s, AirBags, and Foam Pits 47:45-49:37

The most badass dude in BMX is Morgan Wade… Here's why 49:37-52:29

The encouragement Drew has been given from the biggest dudes in BMX since his crash 52:29-55:28

Drews experience riding Matt Beringer's old backyard set up/ riding in Utah/ garage ramps 55:28-58:35

RedBull will make your dreams a reality / uncontainable 58:35-1:07:11

Simple session 1:07:11-1:16:07

Nike Pool Contest 1:16:07-1:24:11

RedBull contests(dirt conquers, framed reactions) and contest riding in general 1:24:11-1:31:53

Raditudes 1:31:53-1:37:16

Did Drew ever consider riding mega ramp? 1:37:16-1:40:43

Growing up in the golden era of BMX, and world's firsts 1:40:43-1:47:15

Redbull uncontained 1:47:15-1:53:20

Drews 270 drop in at Toronto BMX jam 2015 1:53:20-1:55:34

What we can expect from Drew when he makes his return to BMX 1:55:34-2:00:52

The importance of health and nutrition as a top level BMX athlete 2:00:52-2:07:20 Listener questions 2:07:20-2:36:54

Last question, Show wrap up 2:36:54

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