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The Goat Cave Podcast (Ep:94-Pierre Gauthier, Ft. Chris Johnson)

Today's guest is a well known Montreal local who has not only been killing it on the bike, but also has putting in the time behind the lens to capture some amazing moments with some very important people. Most recently he teamed up with Dig BMX to create an incredible photo book (The Extra Mile) about Montreal local Pascal Lafontaine who has one of the most inspiring BMX stories ever. It's a pleasure to be speaking with Pierre Gauthier!


Intro / early years / getting into BMX during the mid school era 0:00-8:51

Montreal’s Flatland scene / Innovation within BMX riding / Toronto BMX Jam 8:51-21:55

The contest scene in Quebec / Vans Park at Olympic stadium / how scooter's play a big role in keeping indoor parks alive 21:55-29:10

The first time Pierre met Pascal Lafontaine / how quickly Pascal progressed 29:10-36:17

The day Pierre learned that Pascal had lost his leg from Sarcoma bone cancer 36:17-40:14.

The battle Pascal faced finding the proper prosthesis so he could ride BMX again 40:14-46:12

When Pierre learned that Pascal wanted to film another video part. / Pascal broke his prosthesis over 20 times filming his Dig part 46:12-52:59

“Every single session counts” 52:59-58:41

Pascal rode in-between chemo and radio treatments 58:41-1:05:34

Pierre’s thoughts from behind the lens / Pascal passed away before the book was finished 1:05:34-1:17:09

Did Pierre ever feel the need to film for Pascal instead of taking photos? 1:17:09-1:24:33

How the huge painted tribute to Pascal at Le-Taz came to be 1:24:33-1:32:00

Reminiscing on Pascal’s determination, and riding. 1:32:00-1:35:40

Pascal’s huge icepick down the Stade Saputo 21 stair 1:35:40-1:45:08

Chris asks Pierre why he chose to shoot the photos the way he did, and if that is Pierre’s style of photography. 1:45:08-2:00:18

Show wrap up, and thanks 2:00:18

Pierre's Instagram ( Where to buy "The Extra Mile" photo-book ( Donate to help fund research to fight sarcoma (https://www.fondspascaltlafontainefor...)

*** A listener of the podcast and his family recently had a devastating house fire, and lost everything. If you would like to help a fellow BMX rider in need, please donate to their go fund me.*** (

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