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The HVXgoat podcast- Ep.2 : Ruthless Aussie, and Landon Barnes

In the second episode of The HVXgoat Podcast, i talk to Ruthless Aussie and Landon Barnes about the process of filming full length videos, bmx media, my hate for slowmo, bussing barspins,the trailer of fuckassesbmxdvd being uploaded to pornhub, S&M bikes filming a porno in their warehouse, coming up with a name for full length videos such as "VisionQuest", filming on tape cameras, owning a pet Alligator, bmx before 2006 and much more! Grab a beer, roll a joint and check out this Episode! Huge shout out to Ruthless Aussie and Landon Barnes for coming on the podcast! Hope to have you guys back on soon! Thanks to Travis Stone for Co-Hosting

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